Charlie christian jazz guitar solo lesson with tabs | Swing to bop 2

Here is jazz lesson about a Charlie Christian guitar solo transcription (only 8 bars) from the tune "Swing to bop". Charlie Christian used notes from the dorian and the aeolian modes to play over a minor chord progression.

Charlie christian jazz guitar lick with tabs | Swing to bop 2

On these jazz lines Charlie Christian plays notes from the Eb dorian scale over a Eb minor chord progression and a Bb minor arpeggio over a Bbm chord progression.

  • The dorian scale (also called dorian mode) is the second of the seven musical modes (Ionian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian & locrian). This is a minor scale because of its b3. The dorian scale appears when a major scale is started on its second scale-degree (second note). This scale is an absolute must and the first thing to know when you want to improvise over minor chords.
  • The Bb minor arpeggio (Bb, Db, F) is taken from the Bb aeolian mode. The aeolian mode is the sixth of the seven musical modes. It is a minor type scale, but unlike the dorian scale it has a flat sixth.

Click here to get the video link and more analysis.

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