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The locrian bebop scale | Guitar diagrams and lick

Locrian bebop scale 1 diagram 1Here is the fouth part of the bebop scales section. This is about the locrian bebop scale. This scale has the same notes as the locrian mode including a passing tone (5) between the flat five (b5) and the minor sixth (b6). It is commonly played over half diminished (m7b5) chords (in a minor 2-5-1 sequence for example)

You will find guitar fretboard diagrams and a minor II-V-I lick using the locrian bebop scale in the locrian bebop scale page.

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Bebop dominant scale | Free guitar lesson | Guitar diagrams, fingerings and licks

Hi there, here is a new page about the dominant bebop scale widely used in jazz music. It 's an octotonic scale (eight notes), it has the same notes as G bebop dominant scale guitar diagram 1the mixolydian mode including a passing tone (major seventh) between the minor seventh (b7) and the root.

Before learning the bebop dominant scale it is recommanded to master the mixolydian mode, here are some guitar diagrams and suggested fingerings about the mixolydian scale.

The bebop dominant scale is commonly played over dominant 7th chords. You will find here some guitar fetboard diagrams and suggested fingerings about this bebop scale and some free licks with MP3 files  at the end of the page.

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Jazz guitar arpeggios | Fretboard diagrams, licks with tabs and theory | Free jazz lesson

Major 7th guitar arpeggio pattern 1An arpeggio is a chord whose notes are played one at a time, it is a chord played like a scale. Arpeggios are quite easy to learn and mostly played in jazz and western music. It helps you to create fluid and clear lines over specific chords. Any jazz guitarist have to master this technique. Now it's time to take stock of the main arpeggios guitar positions and make the difference between them.

Here are the five main arpeggios with guitar fretboard diagrams and fingerings.

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Minor 7th arpeggios | Guitar patterns, diagrams, fingerings & lick | Jazz guitar lesson

Want to increase your arpeggios knowledge ? this article is for you. It's about minor seventh arpeggios, how to play them on your guitar. 

What is an arpeggio ? 

We can can say that's a chord whose notes are played one by one, it is a chord played like a scale.Minor 7th guitar arpeggio pattern 2

Mastering them is the most important thing for a jazz guitar player. Playing arpeggios is an easy technique to create nice and fluid jazz melody lines. They are used by the greatest jazz player in their guitar improvisations and present in a large number of jazz tunes.

Most of them are made up of four notes : 

  • Root
  • Third (major or minor)
  • Fifth (perfect, augmented or diminished)
  • Seventh (minor, major or diminished) 

The practice routine for a jazz beginner is to play each notes of the arpeggio starting on the lowest to highest (ascending) and conversely. You will find 8 minor 7th arpeggios guitar diagrams and fingerings with a II-V lick in this lesson .


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