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  • 10 easy Wes Montgomery jazz guitar licks / transcriptions | Dominant 7th


    Wes Montgomery jazz guitar licks lessonsWes Montgomery was an american guitar jazz player, considered as one of the greatest jazz guitarist of all time. He has influenced and influence again a lot of jazz guitarists. His playing is characterized by the use of his thumb instead of a pick with incredible dexterity. His guitar solos are gold mines for jazz guitar students.

    He often approached his guitar solos by following the same chords progression in three ways and in the same order:

    1. In single note lines using arpeggios, scales and modes.
    2. By playing octaves.
    3. By playing block chords.

    Wes Montgomery played almost exclusively on a Gibson L-5 CES plugged most of the time into Fender amps (super reverb, twin reverb, deluxe). He also played on Gibson L-7, Gibson L-4, Es-175, ES-125D.

    You will find in this free jazz guitar lesson 10 easy dominant 7th jazz guitar licks with tabs transcribed from "West coast blues". They are all in the key of Bb and time signature is 3/4.


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  • Guitar duet in F | A modern method for guitar | Youtube video

    "A modern method for guitar" (Berklee press) is a book written by William Leavitt. 

    This beginning-level book teaches a wide range of guitar and music fundamentals like: scales, melodic, chords & arpeggios studies, how to read music, accompaniment techniques, special exercises for developing technique in both hands, a unique approach to voice leading using moveable chord forms, and more. It is specifically designed to help guitar students to accomplish two fundamental things :

    • Teaching to read music (improve your sight reading).
    • Developping dexterity of both hands.

    There are three volumes in this collection.

    This new video posted on the youtube channel is about a guitar duet called " Duet in F " taken from this guitar method. As its name implies it is a guitar duet (20 measures) in the key of F including altered notes, chromaticisms and chords of 3 notes . It is very interesting and quite easy to play, provided to be able to read music because there is no tabs in this book but only scores. Please note that it is played "swing" in the video even if there is no mention that you have to play it "swing" in the book. Free to you to play it with "swing feel" or "straight feel".

    This video contains score and is divided in 3 parts : 

    1. Both guitar parts together 
    2. First guitar only at 0:51
    3. Second guitar only at 1:41

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  • 5 minor seventh jazz guitar patterns with tab | Free jazz guitar lesson

    25 minor jazz guitar licks E-book pdf

    Playing short patterns is very important to increase your sense of improvisation and soloing technique. Learning patterns is good for understanding and analyzing what other musicians have done, this is a nice way to build your musical vocabulary.

    In this lesson you will find 5 minor 7th jazz guitar patterns with tabs to play over minor seventh chords using arpeggios (minor, minor seventh, minor ninth, half diminished), and the inevitable dorian mode

    Once you have learnt these patterns be sure to play them in different keys. Be sure to add notes, find and develop your own ideas, do not become a pattern player, this is not the aim of this lesson.

    Please note that these patterns are taken from the "25 minor jazz guitar licks" printable eBook PDF.

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  • Bebop dominant scale | Free guitar lesson | Guitar diagrams, fingerings and licks

    Hi there, here is a new page about the dominant bebop scale widely used in jazz music. It 's an octotonic scale (eight notes), it has the same notes as G bebop dominant scale guitar diagram 1the mixolydian mode including a passing tone (major seventh) between the minor seventh (b7) and the root.

    Before learning the bebop dominant scale it is recommanded to master the mixolydian mode, here are some guitar diagrams and suggested fingerings about the mixolydian scale.

    The bebop dominant scale is commonly played over dominant 7th chords. You will find here some guitar fetboard diagrams and suggested fingerings about this bebop scale and some free licks with MP3 files  at the end of the page.

    Thanks for sharing and promote this website.

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  • How to use the locrian mode and a diminished 7th arpeggio over a minor II-V-I progression

    The minor II-V-I chord progression is widely used in jazz music, it's a very important sequence to know for any jazz guitar player 'cause it's present in many jazz standards. How to play over this chord progression ? Which scales to use ? Which notes to play ? There is a lot of ways.  In the following lick we will use the Locrian mode (seventh mode of the major scale) to play over the Dm7b5 chord and a B diminished 7th arpeggio over the G7b9 chord. Please notice that the minor II-V-I chord progression is Dm7b5 | G7b9 | Cm (Maj7) | % | 

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