II-V-I progression

Tritone substitutions licks | 2 new videos

Hi everybody there's now two new videos from the jazz guitar licks youtube channel available on the website. Those videos are about the tritone substitution over a II-V-I jazz progression.

The tritone substitution is one of the most common substitutions found in  jazz music. The basic application of a tritone substitution is to take any 7th chord and play another 7th chord that has its root a tritone away from that initial chord. 

Click here to watch the two videos.

These licks are also available in PDF form in the E-book. There's five tritone substitution licks with tabs and explanations inside these E-book.

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C major II-V-I jazz guitar lick with tabs | II-V-I progression


A new jazz guitar lick is online. It's about major II-V-I chord progression in the key of C. The II-V-I is the most important chord progression in jazz music and other styles.

This following lick contains notes from the dorian mode and notes from the diminished scale (often used to play over altered chords like #9, b9, #11, b13, etc )

More explanations by following this link.

II-V-I major jazz guitar lick lesson