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Free afro jazz swing guitar backing track online

Hi there there is new free backing track online on the youtube channel "Backing track channel" .This is an afro jazz swing guitar jamtrack (piano, bass and drums) to over a D dominant 7th chord. You can use the following scales to practice over :

  1. D mixolydian mode
  2. D altered scale
  3. D dominant bebop scale
  4. D dominant 7th arpeggios

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*NEW* 3 jazz guitar backing tracks | II-V-I sequence

Here are 3 classic jazz guitar backing tracks to practice II-V-I jazz guitar lines over a musical accompaniment. These three II-V-I  jazz swing backing tracks in C major are made with bass, piano and drum sounds. They are in MP3 format (320 kpbs).

There is three different tempos : 92, 150 & 200 BPM.

Chord progression is Dm7 | G7 | CM7 | %

They are also included in the "II-V-I jazz guitar licks package"

II-V-I jazz backing tracks 200

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