minor II-V-I

12 minor II-V-I jazz guitar backing tracks in twelve keys

Minor ii v i backing tracksA new package is online, it's about 12 jazz backing tracks to practice over minor II-V-I jazz progressions.

Package details (rar file) You have to decompress the file by using winrar or unrarx (mac) 

  • 12 mp3 audio files (Length about 7mn each track) made with piano, drums and bass

Backing tracks preview

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How to use the locrian mode and a diminished 7th arpeggio over a minor II-V-I progression

The minor II-V-I chord progression is widely used in jazz music, it's a very important sequence to know for any jazz guitar player 'cause it's present in many jazz standards. How to play over this chord progression ? Which scales to use ? Which notes to play ? There is a lot of ways.  In the following lick we will use the Locrian mode (seventh mode of the major scale) to play over the Dm7b5 chord and a B diminished 7th arpeggio over the G7b9 chord. Please notice that the minor II-V-I chord progression is Dm7b5 | G7b9 | Cm (Maj7) | % | 

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