20 Legendary Guitars And Their Players | Infographic With Videos

Jazz is a beautiful and unique genre of music, and one that often has guitar at its center. Many jazz guitarists play electric guitars, but some choose to go with acoustic. The diversity of guitars is so much more than simply electric versus acoustic, though. There are different brands, different styles, different materials, different numbers of strings, and more! All of these variations help to achieve a desired sound and look by the musician.

The infographic from TakeLessons below shows 20 different types of guitars and also lets you hear music from the artists who made them famous. Each guitar is as special and interesting as the legend who played it. This might just help you choose which guitar is your new favorite!  

List of guitar and players detailed in the infographic below

  1. Fender Telecaster - Solid Body Electric - Eric Clapton
  2. Martin D45 - Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic - Neil Young
  3. Gibson ES 175 - Hollow Body Electric - Wes Montgomery
  4. 1969 José Ramirez la "AM" - Classical Nylon acoustic Dreadnought - Andres Segovia
  5. Fender Precision Bass - 4 String Bass - James Jamerson
  6. Maton EM-TE - Electric-Acoustic Deadnought - Tommy Emmanuel
  7. Fender Telecaster - Solid Body Electric - Buck Owens
  8. Höfner Bass - 4 String Bass - Paul McCartney
  9. Gibson Lucille - Semi-Hollow Body Electric - BB King
  10. Gibson EDS-1275 - Double-Neck Electric Guitar - Jimmy Page
  11. The TRB JP2 - 6 String Electric bass - John Patitucci
  12. The Twang Machine - Cigarbox Electric Guitar - Bo Diddley
  13. Martin LX1E - Miniature acoustic - Ed Sheeran
  14. The ESP MX220 - Active Electric - James Hetfield
  15. The Purple Rain Guitar - Special Body Electric Telecaster Style - Prince
  16. Epiphone Zenith - Tenor Guitar - Ani Difranco
  17. The 12 String Guitar - Steel String Dreadnaught Acoustic - John Denver
  18. Ibanez TAM 100 - Active 8 String Electric Guitar - Tosin Abasi
  19. National Style 0 - Resonator Acoustic Guitar - Eddie House
  20. Hamer 5 Neck - Multi-Neck Electric Guitar - Rick Nielsen

You can click the “Play” button next to each guitar to hear the legend who played it!

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