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At the present time there are 5 jazz guitar printable eBooks pdf available for download on this website. All those eBooks contains guitar tabs, analysis and youtube video links to watch and hear them.25 minor jazz guitar licks E-book pdf

The sixth eBook is currently being drawn up, it's about how to improvise over a II-V-I sequence using the dorian, mixolydian, dorian bebop, dominant bebop, altered and half-whole diminished scales.....stay tuned.

Now it's time to take stock :

5 tritone substitution licks - $ 2.90 - Secure payment (paypal - gumroad)

5 tritone substitution jazz guitar licks ebook light

This eBook is about the tritone substitution, it explain how to apply the tritone substitution in your guitar soloing over a II-V-I chord progression.

The tritone substitution is one of the most common substitutions found in jazz music. The basic application of a tritone substitution is to take any 7th chord and play another 7th chord that has its root a tritone away from the original. 

Five easy exemples of tritone substitution over a II-V-I progression in it. (tabs, analysis & youtube links).

You can  watch and hear an exemple taken from this eBook by clicking the link below



5 II-V-I jazz guitar licks & comping - $ 2.90 - Secure payment (paypal - gumroad)

5 ii v i jazz guitar licks comping ebook 2

II-V-I progressions are perhaps the most common chord combinations in jazz music. It is important to learn, recognize and play them in all keys.

This printable eBook contains 5 tabs/notation about easy II-V-I jazz guitar licks and 5 tabs/notation about easy II-V-I comping for beginners. Each tab is accompanied by explanations, videos and backing-track links.

Here is an example https://youtu.be/kbbKGyxHym0


10 major jazz guitar licks - $ 4.90 - Secure payment (paypal - gumroad)

10 major jazz guitar licks ebook | Jazz lessons

This printable eBook pdf contains 10 major jazz guitar licks with tabs, treble key notation, explanations, analysis, backing-track and youtube video links inside. 

Click on the link below to watch and hear some exemples excerpt from this eBook.

C major jazz guitar lick # 1

C major jazz guitar lick # 2

10 dominant jazz guitar licks - $ 4.90 - Secure payment (paypal - gumroad)

10 dominant jazz guitar licks ebook pdf

In this printable eBook you will find 10 jazz guitar lessons about 10 dominant jazz guitar licks to play over a Bb7 chord in the style of Charlie ChristianGrant GreenWes Montgomery.

Each lick  is analysed and accompanied by tabs & youtube video links.

You will learn how to play mixolydian mode, dorian and phrygian modes, minor, major and dominant arpeggios, major and minor pentatonic scales with passing tones and chromaticism. How to play with octaves (Wes Montgomery style), sixth intervals, major and diminished triads.


25 minor jazz guitar licks - $ 7.90 - Secure payment (paypal - gumroad)

25 minor jazz guitar licks E-book pdf

This printable eBook pdf contains 25 minor jazz swing guitar licks with tabs in the style of Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green

All the licks present in this eBook are two-measure licks. Most of them are from the D dorian mode (the second mode of the C major scale). They can be played over a D minor seventh chord (also m6, m9, m6/9, m11), over a C major II-V-I chord progression or even over G7 chords.

In this eBook you will learn how to play jazz guitar lines over a D minor chord using the dorian mode, some arpeggios (minor, major, ninth, eleventh, dominant seventh,half-diminished), pentatonic scales, blues scale, melodic minor scale and harmonic minor scale.

25 dominant diminished patterns - $ 7.90 - Secure payment (paypal - gumroad)

25 half whole diminished jazz guitar licks and diminished 7th arpeggios

This printable eBook PDF contains 25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns with tabs and analysis using the half-whole diminished scale (also called dominant diminished scale) and some diminished 7th arpeggios to play over dominant chords (G7, G7b5, G13, G7#9, G7b9, G7b5b9, G7b5#9 etc.)

jazz guitar eBook PDF jazz guitar licks jazz guitar lessons jazz guitar tabs

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