II-V jazz guitar lick with tab| minor 7th arpeggio | Jazz guitar lesson *FREE*

Here is a free lesson ( 2 bars) about a II-V jazz guitar line using a D minor 7th arpeggio and a short chromatic line.

II -V jazz guitar lick | Dm7 arpeggio & chromatic line

This  jazz lick starts on the fifth of Dm7 followed by a short chromatic line on beats 1 & 2 then, a descending D minor 7th arpeggio starting on second note of the triplet (A) which is the fifth of this arpeggio.

Please note that the D minor 7th arpeggio (like the Dm7 chord) is made up of 4 notes :

  • Root (D)
  • minor third (b3) (F)
  • Perfect fifth (5) (A)
  • minor seventh (b7 (C)

Click here to see the D minor 7th arpeggios patterns.



Minor 7th arpeggio jazz guitar lick 1

This chord progression (Dm7 | G7)  is found in many jazz standards. Playing/improvising over a II-V sequence is a basis for any jazz player. Once you have learnt this line, be sure to play it in different keys and make it evolve by changing rythm and notes, by adding fret-hand techniques. Learn this line, play it a lot, and forget it. Over time, it will naturally appear in your guitar improvisations. Do not become a "lick player".

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