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New video - Jazz guitar comping rhythm lesson & chord study.

A new video has been uploaded on the youtube channel. Jazz guitar comping rhythm lesson & chord study with diagrams.

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III VI II V sequence - 5 Jazz guitar licks - Jazz lesson

A new free video is available on the youtube channel. It 's about 5 jazz guitar lines to play over a III VI II V sequence, a common progression found in jazz.


Stella by Starlight - Jazz guitar chord melody lesson

A new video is online on the youtube channel. It is a quick jazz guitar chord melody arrangement with chord diagrams of the famous jazz standard "Stella by Starlight" (Victor Young). 

Misty (Erroll Garner) analysis - Arrangement with chords & melody - Jazz guitar lesson

Misty is a jazz standard written by Erroll Garner following a 32-bar progression in the key of Eb including some common chord sequences as II-V-I, I-VI-II-V. A very popular ballad that has crossed over genres of music for the past 50 years (1959). This post in analysis of this song reffering to the realbook including a youtube video lesson about a chord melody arrangement for jazz guitar. 

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21 Jazz guitar licks with tabs on youtube

A new video has just been uploaded on the youtube channel. This lesson contains the 21 most recent jazz guitar licks & transcriptions posted on the channel. 

Here is the summary :

  1. 10 Kenny Burrell licks
  2. II-V7alt-I lick 
  3. Clifford Brown solo transcription 
  4. Eric Gale solo transcription 
  5. Grant Green airegin solo transcription 
  6. Duet in F - Berklee 
  7. John Scofield Wee #1 
  8. John Scofield Wee #2 
  9. John Scofield Wee #3 
  10. Dominant 7th lick 
  11. Soul jazz lick 
  12. Jazz blues lick 

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Airegin (Sonny Rollins) - Jazz guitar backing track

Here is a backing track of the jazz standard "Airegin" written by Sonny Rollins.

It's in the key of Fm, here is the chord progression :

F- | C7#9 | F- | F7b9 | 

Bb- | F7#9 | Bb- | Bb7 ||

DbM7 | D-7 G7 | CM7 | Db-7 Gb7 |

CbM7 | C-7 F7 | BbM7 | % | 

Bbm7 | Eb7 | AbM7 | G-7b5 C7 ||

F- | C7#9 | F- | F7b9 | 

Bb- | F7#9 | Bb- | Bb7 ||

DbM7 | Eb7 | Cm7b5 | F7 |

Bb-7 | Eb7sus4 | Ab | G-7b5 C7b9 |





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