12 minor II-V-I jazz guitar backing tracks | 12 minor keys

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The minor II-V-I sequence is a must know for any jazz guitarist who wants to play over tunes in minor keys. This progression is present in a number of jazz standards (A foggy day, A night in Tunisia, Autumn leaves, Black Orpheus, Desafinado, Stell by starlight...) that's why it is very important to master it.

The package contains 12 minor II-V-I jazz backing tracks (also called play-along or jam tracks) related to the twelve minor harmonic keys.

Minor II-V-I progressions in 12 keys

A minor II-V-I consist of a IIm7b5, a dominant (V) and a minor tonic (I) of a minor scale. That gives in twelve keys the following progressions that you can hear in the downloadable package.

  1. DØ - G7 - Cmin
  2. EbØ - Ab7 - Dbmin
  3. EØ - A7 - Dmin
  4. FØ - Bb7 - Ebmin
  5. F#Ø - B7 - Emin
  6. GØ - C7 - Fmin
  7. AbØ - Db7 - Gbmin
  8. AØ - D7 - Gmin
  9. BbØ - Eb7 - Abmin
  10. BØ - E7 - Amin
  11. CØ - F7 -Bbmin
  12. C#Ø - F#7 - Bmin

Minor ii v i backing tracks










Package details :

  • 12 mp3 audio files (Length about 7mn each track) made with piano, drums and bass

Backing tracks preview

Which scales to play over a minor II-V-I progression ?

Examples given in the key of Cmin.

Theoretically, you could play just the harmonic minor scale over the whole minor II-V-I sequence because all notes in the scale relate to the chords constructed from it. Playing the same scale over the entire minor II-V-I progression would be a mistake, indeed it will be boring at the long time. Here are some tricks and tips to enlarge your musical vocabulary and know which scales, modes or arpeggios to play over this sequence.

Over Dm7b5

  • D Locrian mode. This is the second mode of the major scale and commonly played over minor seventh flat fifth chords. (m7b5)
  • D Locrian # 2 mode. This mode is the sixth mode of the melodic minor scale. It has a major second (#2 or #9) instead of a minor second in comparison with the locrian mode.
  • D Half-diminished arpeggio.  An arpeggio is the notes of a chord played one by one instead of simultaneously. Here are the main arpeggios.
  • D Locrian bebop scale. The locrian bebop scale has the same notes as the locrian scale, including a passing tone (5) between the flat five (b5) and the minor sixth (b6). This is not the least used bebop scale, but it sounds good over a m7b5 chord.

Over G7

  • G phrygian dominant scale. This is the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale.
  • G7 arpeggio. If you take the first, the third, the fifth and the minor seventh of the phrygian dominant scale (corresponding to the fifth degree of the harmonic minor scale). You obtain a dominant 7th arpeggio.
  • B Diminished seventh arpeggioPlaying this scale and arpeggio is a little to ordinary and not very interesting. In this case we usually play a diminished seventh arpeggio starting on the major third (3) of the chord.
  • G altered scale. Also called "super locrian scale " This altered scale is the seventh mode of the melodic minor scale. It sounds great over dominant 7th chord if you want to brings tensions and originality to your jazz lines.
  • G half-tone / whole tone scale. This scale is a succession of whole tones and half tones.

Over Cm(Maj7)

This chord is not necessarily used after a minor II-V sequence. Free to you to resolve to it. However, we will think about what we're going to play.

  • C melodic minor scale. This scale has the same notes as the dorian scale, but has a major seventh instead of a minor seventh.
  • C harmonic minor scale. In comparison with the melodic minor scale it has a minor second (b2 or b9). The melodic minor scale has a major second (2 or 9).The harmonic minor scale has the same notes as the aeolian mode, but a major seventh instead of a minor seventh.That's why it has a particular sonority very appreciated by jazz musicians.
  • C aeolian scale.​​ This is the sixth mode of the major scale. Minor third, minor second and minor seventh in it.​


10 ii v i licks jazz guitar PDF eBook


This eBook will teach you how to play over minor II-V-I sequences using scales, modes (locrian, locrian #2, locrian bebop, altered, melodic minor, harmonic minor, aeolian) and arpeggios (Half-diminished & diminished 7th)

Package details

- 1 printable PDF eBook including 10 II-V-I jazz guitar licks with tabs, scales charts, and analysis.

- 1 C minor II-V-I backing track (Quality mp3 audio file).

- 10 minor II-V-I audio files (Quality mp3 audio files).

Preview lick

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