20 II-V-I jazz guitar licks and audio files - PDF eBook

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20 ii v i jazz guitar licks ebook pdf

The II-V-I sequence is the most common chord progression played in jazz music and a must know for any guitarist who wants to learn jazz language.

This printable eBook (PDF) contains 20 II-V-I (major and minor) jazz guitar licks with tabs, standard notation, analysis, audio files and scale charts to master the II-V-I sequence both in major and minor keys.






Topics covered

  • Ionian mode
  • Dorian mode
  • Mixolydian mode
  • Bebop scales
  • Altered lines
  • Passing tones
  • Half-whole diminished scale
  • Altered scale
  • Triads
  • Harmonic minor scale
  • Locrian mode
  • Locrian #2 mode
  • Locrian bebop
  • Phrygian dominant mode
  • Melodic minor scale

II-V-I licks jazz guitar ebook PDF

  • 20 II-V-I jazz guitar licks

    This printable PDF eBook contains 20 II-V-I jazz guitar licks with tabs, analysis & audio files to master the II-V-I sequence both in major and minor keys.
  • 5 Jazz blues arpeggio studies

    Here is a printable PDF eBook with five guitar studies that will help you to master arpeggios over a jazz blues progression. Tabs and standard notation.
  • 50 II-V-I voicings

    Printable PDF eBook method containing 50 exercises with tabs & standard notation to practice the essential jazz guitar chords over the II-V-I progression.
  • 11 blues jazz studies

    This PDF eBook contains 11 guitar lessons with chords, tabs, standard notation analysis & audio files about the main blues progressions used in jazz music.
  • Mastering the altered scale

    This PDF eBook method contains 25 altered jazz guitar licks with tabs, patterns, scale charts and audio files to learn to master the altered scale.
  • 40 blues jazz guitar licks

    40 easy jazz, blues guitar licks with tabs & scale charts. Printable PDF & eBook method to learn to play in the style of Wes Montgomery & Charlie Christian.
  • 25 soul jazz guitar licks

    This PDF eBook is about 25 soul jazz guitar licks in the style of Grant Green, Melvin Sparks. Lessons with tabs, diagrams, backing track & audio files.
  • 25 dominant diminished licks

    This eBook PDF contains 25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns using the half-whole diminished scale and some diminished 7th arpeggios.
  • 25 minor jazz guitar licks

    This printable PDF eBook contains 25 minor jazz guitar licks with tabs, video links, analysis. How to play modes, scales & arpeggios over minor chords.
  • 5 Tritone substitution licks

    The tritone substitution is explained through 5 jazz guitar licks with tabs/notation, youtube video links and backing track links. Printable PDF eBook

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