D7 dominant bebop jazz guitar lick & half diminished arpeggio

In this following four bars lick we will use the D dominant bebop scale. Remember that the dominant bebop scale, unlike most of the scales, contains eight notes, we call it "octotonic scale". In comparison with the dominant scale (mixolydian mode) the dominant bebop scale has an additional note (major seventh) between the minor 7th and the root.

Lick analysis /

The D dominant bebop scale is made up of : D - E - F# - G - A - B - C - C#, respectively : root - second - major third - perfect fourth - fifth - major sixth - minor seventh and major seventh (additional note in comparison with the dominant scale).

You can see that this lick starts with the minor seventh (C). You can also notice the presence of the major seventh (C#) from the D bebop dominant scale on bar 2 and an additional passing tone (A#) on bar four.

You will find a F#m7b5 arpeggio at the end of the third measure (beat four) and the beginning of the fourth (beat one). Also called "half diminished" this arpeggio is made up of the four following notes ( F# - A - C - E ). Playing a half diminished arpeggio over a dominant 7th chord is a common jazz trick, you just have to play it starting on the major third of this dominant 7th chord.

This lick also works good over a Am7 chord or why not over this II - V chord progression : Am7 | % | D7 | % |


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