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Jimmy Raney

Jimmy Raney20/8/1927 - 9/5/1995

Jimmy Raney was an American jazz guitarist and composer. His bebop guitar playing and his legato phrasing made him a cool jazz guitarist. He is best known for his collaboration with Stan Getz.

It seems that Jimmy used a Gibson Es-150 (before it was stolen). He also used a Gibson L-7 (the guitar of his brother Dough) for a few gigs, a Gibson ES-175, then an Hofner (it remains to be checked for this last one).

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Jimmy raney solo transcription | Have you met miss Jones
Have you met miss Jones | Jimmy Raney solo transcription (18 bars)

This is lesson is about a jazz guitar solo transcription with tabs of Jimmy Raney in the jazz standard "Have you met miss Jones".


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