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Joe Pass

Joe pass jazz guitar licks & transcriptions13/01/1929 - 24/5/1994

Joe pass was an American jazz guitar player. He used a lot walking-bass lines, chord melodies. His sense of improvisation, his knowledge of chord inversions, substitutions and progressions had a big influence on later guitarists. He's still one of the greatest guitar virtuosos of all the time.

He used to play on a Gibson ES-175 and a D'Aquisto (especially built for him), plugged the most of the time in a Polytone minibrute. He also played an Ibanez following an endorsement.


Joe pass walking-bass guitar lesson
Joe pass walking-bass guitar lesson with tabs

This jazz guitar lesson with tab is about a guitar walking-bass line in the styl e of Joe Pass. Jazz guitar lessons online, E-books, tabs, videos analysis.


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