Joe pass walking-bass guitar lesson with tabs


Here is a common guitar walking bass line in the style of the great Joe Pass. The chord progression is based on jazz/ blues progression.

In this chord progression you will find a major short II-V sequence (Dm7 | G7) at measures 4 & 5. A chromaticism (G7 - F#7 | F7 - E7) at measures 7 & 8. A II-V cadence (Am7 | D7) at measure 9 & 10. (this is a I-VI-II-V cadence with the VI approached chromatically).  Then a short  I7-VI7-IIm-V7 turnaround at the end (G7 | E7 | Am7 | D7). 

Here is the chord progression :

G7 | C7 | G7 | Dm7 - G7 |
C7 | % | G7 - F#7 | F7 - E7 |
Am7 | D7 | G7 - E7 | Am7 - D7 |

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