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Major II-V-I licks

The II-V-I progression is a common chord progression used in jazz music and many other musical genres. In a major key the second degree is minor, the fifth degree is major and the first degree is major. 

For exemple in the key of C you have to play this following chord sequence :

Dm (II) | Gmaj (V) | Cmaj (I) | % | or this progression by adding seventh Dm7 | G7 | CM7 | % | 

and many more by adding extensions :

II : Dm9 - Dm11 - Dm13 - Dmin6

V : G9 - G11 - G13, the fifth degree offers many possibilities by adding altered notes (b9 - #9 - b5 - #5)

I : CM9 - CM11 - CM13

The study of II-V-I licks or II-V-I chord progression is highly recommended for jazz students cause it's very used in jazz standards.

The typical way to improvise over II-V-I chord progression is to use the dorian mode over the second degree, the mixolydian mode over the fifth degree and the ionian mode over the first degree. We'll see many others ways to play over this chord progression.

Let's take a look at the following licks and compings below.

Altered jazz guitar lick - II-V7alt-I
Altered jazz guitar lick - II-V7alt-I

Here is an altered jazz guitar lick with tabs using the altered scale and a major triad over a II-V7alt-I chord sequence.

II-V-I guitar comping # 1
Major II-V-I jazz guitar lick & comping | Lesson with tabs

In this jazz guitar lesson with tabs we talk about a II-V-I jazz guitar lick & comping with tabs. Videos, E-book and backing-track also available online.

II-V-I major jazz guitar lick lesson
C major II-V-I jazz guitar lick | Lesson with tabs

On this page we will see how to play a jazz guitar lick over a major II-V-I jazz guitar chord progression.E-books, video, backing tracks and analysis.

II-V-I jazz guitar altered lick with tabs
II-V7 alt-I jazz guitar lick with tabs | Dorian mode, altered scale & passing tones

Here is a II-V7alt-I jazz guitar lick. Lesson with tabs and analysis. Dorian mode and altered scale. Jazz guitar lessons and eBooks online. II-V-I sequence.

m7b5 arpeggio jazz guitar lick tab free lesson
II-V-I jazz guitar lick | m7b5 arpeggio | Free jazz guitar lesson with tab

Here is a II-V-I jazz guitar line using a half diminished guitar arpeggio. This free guitar lesson shows you how to play a m7b5 arpeggio over a m7th chord.


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