Guitar jazz backing track in Dm7 | Minor play-along part 1/2

Here is a new jazz backing track in Dm7 for all musicians who wants pratice improvisation and comping. You can use the minor pentatonic scale, the dorian, phrygian or eolian mode for improvisation on this jam track. Jazz guitar lessons online Guitar jazz backing track in Em7 | Minor play-along part 2/2 II-V-I jazz guitar licks & comping / Download the Ebook (explanations, tabs & backing track link included) 10 major jazz guitar licks / Download the eBook here Subscribe Jazz guitar lessons on youtube Wes Montgomery transcriptions w/tabs Jimmy Raney jazz guitar lines on "Have you met miss Jones" Tritone substitutions jazz guitar licks Grant Green jazz guitar lines You can subscribe to Backing track channel by clicking next. Here is an example of Dm7 jam using this backing track"

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