40 Minor (Dorian) Jazz Guitar Licks - PDF Method With Audio Files

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This printable PDF eBook method contains 40 easy jazz guitar exercises with tabs, standard notation, audio files, theory and numeral analysis. 

All these lines are built from the Dorian mode and designed to be played over minor chords as min, maj7, min9, min11, min13. 

Many theoretical concepts are discussed (arpeggios, diatonic substitution, triad pairs, passing tones, etc)

These licks are useful tools to build improvised jazz guitar lines and solos.

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  • 1 Printable PDF file (High resolution).
  • 40 Mp3 audio files (High quality).
  • 1 Jazz Backing Track.


Immediately after your order, you'll get an automated receipt with a link to download the PDF and the audio files.

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Pdf guitar method minor dorian jazz licks

40 Minor (Dorian) Jazz Guitar Licks - PDF Method Trailer - Tab & Audio Files

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  • elijah
    • 1. elijah On 03/06/2020
    I want it all in one, if there any link for all, and sale?
    • Stef Ramin
      • Stef RaminOn 03/06/2020
      It's all in one. You can also get the diatonic bundle. Links are in this page.
  • Anson
    • 2. Anson On 02/23/2020
    I am not very familiar with musical theories and I only have the basic knowledge of major ,minor and dorian scale.Do you suggest I learn the jazz guitar licks and buy the book 40 dorian licks?Or I should not skip steps and build up my basic skills and knowledge first?
    • Stef Ramin
      • Stef RaminOn 02/24/2020
      You will surely expand your knowledge and technique with this book but I can't decide for you.
  • Marco Villarreal
    • 3. Marco Villarreal On 01/19/2020
    Is the book for beginners?
    • Stef Ramin
      • Stef RaminOn 01/19/2020
      yes of course !
  • Matt Wilson
    • 4. Matt Wilson On 09/29/2019
    Hi this book helps me a lot
    • Stef Ramin
      • Stef RaminOn 09/29/2019
      Glad it helps ;)