Hip Hop Drum Loops (Acoustic Beats) - Vol.1


Hip hop acoustic drum beats bandcampHip Hop Acoustic Drum Beats - Volume 1

This drum pack contains 20 hip-hop acoustic drum beats for music producers, rappers, dancers.

  • Time signature is 4/4.
  • Tempos 75 to 110 BPM.
  • All these loops are calibrate to use in any Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) as Cubase, Pro-tools, Fruity Loops, Garage Band, studio one, Sonar, Ableton Live, Audacity, Reason, Logic, etc).
  • Wave files.

Royalty free for each track. In return, please credit Backing Tracks Channel in your productions.

Released December 13, 2020 by Backing Tracks Channel.

How Can I Download These Tracks?

Just click on the "Buy" button in the Bandcamp player integrated to this page. Secure payment by Bandcamp and Paypal.

List of The Tracks

  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 75 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 76 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 78 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 80 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 82 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 84 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 85 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 86 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 88 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 90 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 91 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 92 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 94 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 95 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 96 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 98 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 100 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 102 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 105 BPM
  • Hip-Hop Drum Loop (acoustic) - 110 BPM
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