40 Minor II V I Jazz Guitar Licks - PDF eBook Method With Tabs & Audio

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This printable PDF eBook method for beginner and intermediate guitarists contains 40 minor II V I jazz guitar licks with tab, standard notation, audio files, analysis and scale shapes.

In this book you will learn how to use scales as : Altered, Phrygian dominant, Locrian b13, Locrian bebop, etc) over the minor 2 5 1 sequence.

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  • 1 Printable PDF file (High resolution).
  • 40 Mp3 audio files (High quality).
  • 1 Jazz Backing Track.


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Pdf method for jazz guitar minor 2 5 1 licks

II V I Bundle (save 11 USD)

Get all the PDF related to II V I progression (chords & licks)

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170 2-5-1 jazz guitar exercices


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  • John fleetwood
    • 1. John fleetwood On 2023-10-30
    Thanks for this guys.
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2023-10-30
      Ok thanks for stopping by.
  • Delvane GOmes das  Necessidades
    • 2. Delvane GOmes das Necessidades On 2020-07-03
    Olá, conteúdo indispensável para qualquer músico.
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2020-07-04
      feliz que você pensa assim

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