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Music reviews

  • 101 Essential Jazz Guitar Albums

    From iconic classics to contemporary masterpieces, this comprehensive (non-exhaustive) list with the corresponding year of release shows the 101 essentials jazz albums by legendary guitarists as Bill Frisell, Django Reinhardt, Grant Green, George Benson and many others.

  • The 15 Best Jazz Guitar Players

    Jazz guitar has been an integral part of the genre since its inception. From the early pioneers who defined it to the modern virtuosos pushing its boundaries, these 15 jazz guitar players have left an indelible mark on the genre. Let's take a closer look at their remarkable contributions, both as musicians and innovators.

  • Triad Chords For Guitar On YouTube and PDF

    A new tutorial has been published on Jazz Guitar Licks YouTube channel. It is shows how to play the main triads on guitar using neck diagram shapes. The triad discussed are : minor, major, diminished, augmented and suspended 2 & 4, don't hesitate to like, comment and share this video.

    For those who'd like to get the printable PDF version and get more triad voicing shapes (open and close), there is a new method available since a few days, just click on the picture below to get it.


  • New PDF Method - 30 Smooth Jazz Guitar Licks

    A new guitar method has been published recently to meet the demand of readers and buyers.

    This printable PDF eBook is dedicated to Smooth Jazz Licks in the tradition of George Benson, Pat Metheny, Ronnie Jordan, Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and many more.

    It is designed both for teachers and students who want to expand their theoretical knowledge and guitar technique .

  • 19 Essential Jazz Guitar Books - Buyer's Guide

    The world of jazz guitar books can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for the beginning guitarist. There are literally thousands of books on jazz guitar, many with similar content and information.

    Some books are better suited to learning chords, while others are designed to enhance reading skills, still others are meant to teach improvisation concepts. Some books attempt to cover all of these bases. Some of the most useful are collections of transcribed solos and etudes.

    Fortunately for you, I have been studying jazz guitar for 15 years and have practiced and taught from many of the best jazz guitar books available on the market.

    Whether your focus is developing a strong sense of rhythm, building your improvisational skills, mastering a wide range of chord voicings, progressions, and substitutions, or understanding the theory that ties all of it together, you can use this list of the best jazz guitar books to help guide your path!

  • Inside Scofield - A Film About The legendary John Scofield

    Hi - let me shortly introduce the official film about one of today's greatest guitar players - John Scofield!

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    Inside scofield film

  • Variations Of Jazz Blues Progression - 10 Guitar Exercises - YouTube Video Lesson

    A new video has been published on the YouTube channel. It contains 10 exercises with chord shapes and numeral analysis about different types of variations of the jazz blues progression for jazz guitar rhythm. 

  • 10 Most Popular Jazz Drummers Of All Time

    There’s no doubt about it that if you want to be the best at anything, it pays to borrow a page or two from some of the most popular legends before your time. The swing feel is a fundamental aspect in jazz band music, and if you didn’t know, most of that fire in the rhythm comes from the drummers.

    Yes, the other instrumentalists such as the pianist, trumpeter, and guitarist may get more attention, but we can’t overlook the importance of the drummer in jazz music. But back to the earlier mentioned idea, who would you look up to as an aspiring, learning, or practicing drummer in a jazz band? Perhaps you might just find your role model in this list, here are the 10 best jazz drummers of all time. have compiled a list of their favourite Jazz drummers of all time.

  • 49 Licks of Legendary Jazz Musicians for Guitar - Lessons in PDF with TABS and analysis

    49 essential jazz guitar licks PDF eBook49 Essential Jazz Guitar Licks With Tabs and Analysis


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    Practicing jazz guitar licks is a very important aspect of jazz learning. Particularly when these licks are transcribed from improvisations of the greatest jazz musicians of all times (Cannonball Adderley, Barney Kessel, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Christian, Emily Remler, George Benson, Grant Green,  Herb Ellis, Jim Hall, Jimmy Raney, Joe Pass, John Scofield, Kenny Burrell, Charlie Parker, Mike Stern and Wes Montgomery) who helped forge the history of jazz music.

    This eBook available for download in a PDF format contains 49 effective jazz guitar phrases and patterns with TABS and notation applied to common jazz chord progressions . These patterns both for guitar teachers and students cover different styles from swing to blues, to hard-bop to bebop.

    These essential jazz lines arranged for jazz guitarists from beginner to advanced come with easy-to-understand explanations of one of the greatest players improvisational techniques.

    Learning these jazz transcriptions make it possible to understand the approach of the great names of jazz to different chord progressions found in many standards as turnarounds, minor and major II-V-I, blues progressions, modal playing.

  • Album Review and lick analysis – Monk – Peter Bernstein

    Monk - Peter BernsteinThe music of Thelonious Monk is music which evokes many different emotions and ideas in a huge demographic of musicians and instrumentalists. With that in mind, the emotions and ideas evoked by legendary jazz guitarist, Peter Bernstein, in this showcase album range from childish playfulness, faithful to the source of the music, to coherent and thorough modern jazz playing in the upper echelons of technical and interactive ability.

    It’s been noted previously in reviews, at the time of the album’s release, that a collection of Monk tunes by a guitarist is a rare occurrence that was a huge breath of fresh air to all those who knew about its existence. I’ve never heard such faithful music made with such individualism and taste without any sense imitation. This is most definitely Bernstein plays Monk and not the other way around.

  • 10 Jazz Blues Tunes Every Beginning Guitarist Should Know

    Building Your Jazz Blues Repertoire

    Top 10 jazz blues tunes to knowA big part of learning jazz guitar means building his own repertoire of pieces. Here is a list of 10 jazz blues songs every beginning guitarist should know.

    This short list covers a range of jazz blues chord progressions and their different variations (form, tonality, Harmonic structure) with a brief analysis and also represents the most played jazz blues tunes at jam sessions.



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