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How Can You Support My Work ? pleases you ? What can you do to ensure that this website can live long ? You can get involved, here are a few tips :


►Speak about JGL around you using social networks (Twitterpinteresttumblrinstagram) and forums.

►Share pages, articles and youtube videos.

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Sales of these items help to fund the website development. Your support gives me more time and motivation on creating new free and paid lessons (articles, PDF methods and videos).


Stef Ramin

Last edited: 03/04/2020


  • Gregory Stewart
    • 1. Gregory Stewart On 10/08/2019
    I would like to support your work the best I can. How do I do that though? I like your playing.
    • Stef Ramin
      Thanks for your support.
  • Avel JOSEPH
    • 2. Avel JOSEPH On 08/23/2019
    Hello, I would like learn more stuff about the jazz. Thanks
  • Robert  Diaz
    • 3. Robert Diaz On 12/30/2018
    Great site helps a lot!!
    Awesome info
    • Stef Ramin
      Thanks, glad it helps ;)
  • Saulo Idaritt
    • 4. Saulo Idaritt On 05/02/2017
    obrigado por compartilhar esse material top para estudo do jazz