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Stef Ramin

Last edited: 2022-09-11


  • Carl Eubanks
    • 1. Carl Eubanks On 2023-03-06
    This website is amazing ;) thaaannkks
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2023-03-06
      Thanks a lot ! Stef
  • Berry
    • 2. Berry On 2021-12-22
    Major 11 Chords (maj11) - Guitar Shapes and Theory


    The 7Sus4 Box should be a b7 not a 7

    Great site,

    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2021-12-24
      Corrected thanks
  • Alphonso Rodriguez
    • 3. Alphonso Rodriguez On 2021-10-02
    Great site thanks, incredible work I will support you!
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2021-10-03
      Thanks a lot
    • 4. HARRY TROMBLEY On 2021-08-20
    Hi I’ve used some of your stuff great ? Is I’ve looked everywhere for a harmonized chord chart in all keys in notation and tab do you have a PDF of one or know where I can get a hold of one
    I’m willing it purchase it
    Thanking you in advance
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2021-08-20
      Hello, I don't have harmonized chord chart in all keys in notation and tab at this day. I will work on it, stay tuned ;)
  • Nick
    • 5. Nick On 2021-03-24
    Which PDF/ course from the store do you recommend starting with.
    Many thanks
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2021-03-25
      Hey Nick, I don't what's your guitar leveI, if you"re a beginner I think you can start with those about diatonic licks (40 Dorian, 40 Ionian, 40 Mixolydian) then try the II V I serie (minor II V I voicings, major II V I voicings, minor II V I licks and major II V I licks). Thanks Stef
  • Eric Freeman
    • 6. Eric Freeman On 2021-01-22
    Thanks for this great resource! The layout is really nice and the information is valuable. I noticed an error in "12 scales you can play over a dominant 7th chord." Under the mixolydian mode, it's shown correctly on the fret-board, but in the text it describes the third as being a minor third a couple times.
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2021-01-23
      Thanks for spotting this typo! I'v updated the text.
  • Jazmin Quiroz
    • 7. Jazmin Quiroz On 2021-01-19
    HOLA hace tiempo buscaba vídeos así ya que no puedo pagar unas clases así, en ya que en Venezuela un docente gana 2 dolares mensuales, gracias.
  • Tim
    • 8. Tim On 2020-05-31
    Thanks for providing such a comprehensive musical resource
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2020-05-31
      Thanks for the comment
  • Gregory Stewart
    • 9. Gregory Stewart On 2019-10-08
    I would like to support your work the best I can. How do I do that though? I like your playing.
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2019-10-08
      Thanks for your support.
  • Avel JOSEPH
    • 10. Avel JOSEPH On 2019-08-23
    Hello, I would like learn more stuff about the jazz. Thanks
  • Robert  Diaz
    • 11. Robert Diaz On 2018-12-30
    Great site helps a lot!!
    Awesome info
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2018-12-30
      Thanks, glad it helps ;)
  • Saulo Idaritt
    • 12. Saulo Idaritt On 2017-05-02
    obrigado por compartilhar esse material top para estudo do jazz
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2017-05-03
      Obrigado ;)

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