Mini Lessons

Mini Lessons are short jazz guitar tutorials both for guitar instructors and students. They are proposed as downloadable packages including a short HD video (no talking), a guitar pro file and a PDF with guitar tab, score, analysis and chord charts.

These learning materials for beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar players go straight to the point focusing on a specific topic as: chord voicings, common chord progressions, scales and modes, arpeggios, licks, practice tips, theory and so on.


Here a list of the mini lessons available at this day. New lessons are regularly added, don't hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter

  • Mini Lesson 01 (ML 01)

    You'll find a mini guitar lesson about walking bass lines and chords containing a PDF with tab, score analysis, shapes, a video and a guitar pro file.
  • Mini Lesson 02 (ML 02)

    In this mini jazz guitar lesson you will learn how to play easy and cool jazz lines over basic chord changes found in jazz. Pdf, tab and video included.
  • Mini Lesson 03 (ML 03)

    With this short lesson you will learn how to play and connect basic guitar arpeggios over a diatonic chord progression.