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Links - Learn guitar chords and chord progressions. : Guitar lessons online

Guitar cosmos : articles, links and videos on anything guitar related.

Daily dent : A site for all musicians, beginner or pro.

Guitar Backing Tracks : is the largest free guitar jam track & backing track library

Electric Herald : Electric Herald focuses on lutherie and the more technical side of the electric guitar, as well as directories and apps for guitarists. : In-depth buyer's guides and how-to articles for bassists of all levels. : Fachords is a website providing chords, scales, fretboard and theory resources for guitarists.

Jazz guitar lessons with improvisation and fundamental theory by guitar teacher Thomas Berglund.

The blogging musician :  A blog about guitar, songwriting, guitar lessons and music production.

Guitar Education Resource Guide : Resources to learn more about the history of guitars, chords and scales and much more.

Brandon Coleman : Guitarist, composer and educator

PianoPig : Online piano lessons

Guitare85 : French guitar teacher : An app to create chord charts on mobile

Backing Tracks For Musicians and Producers: Backing tracks channel is a website providing quality backing tracks and samples for musicians, beatmakers, dj's and music producers.

Limitless Guitar - lessons, philosophy, and resources that enable guitarists to lift limits on learning and creating.

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