25 jazz guitar licks with tabs - Guitar lesson - Part 1/2 -

25 Jazz guitar licks. Lessons with tabs. Part 1 of 2.Grant Green,Joe Pass, dominant 7th licks, minor licks, II-V-I, tritone substitutions.

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    • 1. EVANDRO On 2019-07-31
    Hello dude I’ve been studying your method for a while and I simply love it . I’m very pleased for the fact that you laid the tab after each video ! I was wondering if you could put the chords shapes in some videos as well . I’ve bought the Dominant course but I haven’t found the video . Do you think you could kindly sell the videos as well ! Thanks for your love and efforts
    • jazz-guitar-licks
      • jazz-guitar-licksOn 2019-08-01
      I take note of your remark Thanks

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