5 Easy Dominant Jazz Blues Guitar Licks

5 Easy dominant jazz blues guitar licks for Beginners taken from the printable PDF eBook available here https://bit.ly/2Y8Gvsp
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101 Dominant Arpeggios https://bit.ly/2WoCajM
40 Major Patterns https://bit.ly/2Cjm6qz
49 Essential Lines https://bit.ly/2HNI1u2
25 Pentatonic Lines https://bit.ly/2Ya8zeN
20 II V I Licks https://bit.ly/2UGGzO0
50 II V I Voicings https://bit.ly/2FdQdRt
11 Blues Jazz Chord Studies https://bit.ly/2Y863G1
25 Altered Licks https://bit.ly/2CuW18L
25 Soul Jazz Guitar Licks https://bit.ly/2TLO3Tu
25 Diminished Lines https://bit.ly/2Hxl4w9
6 Tritone Jazz Guitar Licks https://bit.ly/2TOP4Kf
5 Jazz Blues Arpeggio Studies https://bit.ly/2FgjFGy
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