Drop 2 Chord Voicings Guitar Lesson with Formulas and Shapes

This lesson will help you understand Drop 2 voicings and how to play them on guitar. Major 7, Dominant 7, Minor 7, half-diminished and diminished 7 chord shapes and formulas. Timeline is below.
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Drop 2 chords are basically made by dropping the second voice down to the bottom of a chord. They are used more frequently than close voiced chords because they are less stretchy and hard to play. Here are the formulas to remember.

Root position R 5 7 3
1st inversion (third in the bass) 3 7 R 5
2nd inversion (fifth in the bass) 5 R 3 7
3rd inversion (seventh in the bass) 7 3 5 R "

voicings chords

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