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5 half-whole diminished jazz guitar patterns | Free lesson & eBook

I25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns ebook pdfn this free jazz guitar lesson below you will find 5 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns with tabs and analysis using the half-whole diminished scale and some diminished seventh arpeggios. These licks are taken from the latest printable eBook PDF "25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns". 

The Half-whole diminished scale (also known as "dominant diminished scale") is a symmetric scale, it contains eight notes and it's constructed using a repeat pattern of half and whole steps. This scale is usually played over dominant chords like G7, G7b5, G13, G7#9, G7b9, G7b5b9, G7b5#9). This should not be confused with the fully diminished scale also named "whole-half diminished scale" which is constructed using a repeat pattern of whole and half steps and used to play over diminished seventh chords.

As you can see in the example below, the G half-whole diminished scale is made up of eight notes and creates extentions b9, #9, #11 and 13.

Half-whole diminished scale formula

Diminished seventh arpeggios are made up of four notes : a root, a minor third (b3), a diminished fifth (b5) and a diminished seventh (bb7). They are basically played over diminished seventh chords but they can be played over dominant (b9) chords a semitone lower. 

Here is a comparison between the G7b9 chord and the Ab diminished 7th arpeggio :

  • G7b9 chord is made up of : G-B-D-F-Ab
  • Ab diminished 7th arpeggio is made up of : Ab-B-D-F

The notes of a diminished arpeggio are identical to the notes of a dominant b9 chord a semitone lower.

A diminished 7th arpeggio is built of minor thirds intervals, it is symmetrical. A minor third interval is made up of 3 semitones (3 frets on a guitar), so you can move any diminished 7th arpeggios positions up or down three frets and you will still find the same notes.

It means that you can play 4 diminished 7th arpeggios over a G7b9 chord :

  • Ab diminished 7th arpeggio.
  • B diminished 7th arpeggio.
  • D diminished 7th arpeggio.
  • F diminished 7th arpeggio.

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