Half diminished arpeggios

Half diminished - m7b5 arpeggios guitar fretboard patterns & fingerings - FREE guitar lesson


The arpeggio menu has been completed by a new page. It's about the Half diminished arpeggio also called m7b5 arpeggios. These arpeggios are played over m7b5 chords but also well used over dominant 7th chords (starting on the major third) and minor seventh chords (starting on the sixth / thirteenth).

They are made up of four notes :

  • Root 
  • minor third (b3)
  • diminished fifth (b5)
  • minor seventh (b7)

Let's take a look at the example below about the Bm7b5 chord (B minor 7 flat 5).

Half diminished arpeggio shapes

Here is two guitar fretboard diagrams, one with intervals and one with fingerings.

Half diminished guitar arpeggio pattern 1 Half diminished guitar arpeggio pattern 1 fingering

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