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Charlie christian jazz guitar solo lesson with tabs | Swing to bop 2

Here is jazz lesson about a Charlie Christian guitar solo transcription (only 8 bars) from the tune "Swing to bop". Charlie Christian used notes from the dorian and the aeolian modes to play over a minor chord progression.

Charlie christian jazz guitar lick with tabs | Swing to bop 2

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Wes Montgomery guitar solo transcription | Phrygian lick

Wes Montgomery was an american guitar jazz player, considered as one of the greatest jazz guitarist of all time.

In this jazz guitar lesson we will see how Wes Montgomery played a guitar lick using notes from the G phrygian mode (minor type scale) over a Bb dominant seventh chord. This lick is a short part of the "West coast blues" guitar solo improvisation . Once you have learned this jazz line it's important to play it in different keys and to make it evolve by adding notes and fret-hand techniques.

Wes montgomery dominant licks 2 bis page 1

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