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New video - Jazz guitar comping rhythm lesson & chord study.

A new video has been uploaded on the youtube channel. Jazz guitar comping rhythm lesson & chord study with diagrams.

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10 easy Wes Montgomery jazz guitar licks / transcriptions | Dominant 7th


Wes Montgomery jazz guitar licks lessonsWes Montgomery was an american guitar jazz player, considered as one of the greatest jazz guitarist of all time. He has influenced and influence again a lot of jazz guitarists. His playing is characterized by the use of his thumb instead of a pick with incredible dexterity. His guitar solos are gold mines for jazz guitar students.

He often approached his guitar solos by following the same chords progression in three ways and in the same order:

  1. In single note lines using arpeggios, scales and modes.
  2. By playing octaves.
  3. By playing block chords.

Wes Montgomery played almost exclusively on a Gibson L-5 CES plugged most of the time into Fender amps (super reverb, twin reverb, deluxe). He also played on Gibson L-7, Gibson L-4, Es-175, ES-125D.

You will find in this free jazz guitar lesson 10 easy dominant 7th jazz guitar licks with tabs transcribed from "West coast blues". They are all in the key of Bb and time signature is 3/4.


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Guitar duet in F | A modern method for guitar | Youtube video

"A modern method for guitar" (Berklee press) is a book written by William Leavitt. 

This beginning-level book teaches a wide range of guitar and music fundamentals like: scales, melodic, chords & arpeggios studies, how to read music, accompaniment techniques, special exercises for developing technique in both hands, a unique approach to voice leading using moveable chord forms, and more. It is specifically designed to help guitar students to accomplish two fundamental things :

  • Teaching to read music (improve your sight reading).
  • Developping dexterity of both hands.

There are three volumes in this collection.

This new video posted on the youtube channel is about a guitar duet called " Duet in F " taken from this guitar method. As its name implies it is a guitar duet (20 measures) in the key of F including altered notes, chromaticisms and chords of 3 notes . It is very interesting and quite easy to play, provided to be able to read music because there is no tabs in this book but only scores. Please note that it is played "swing" in the video even if there is no mention that you have to play it "swing" in the book. Free to you to play it with "swing feel" or "straight feel".

This video contains score and is divided in 3 parts : 

  1. Both guitar parts together 
  2. First guitar only at 0:51
  3. Second guitar only at 1:41

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20 jazz guitar licks with tabs on youtube

A new video is online on the youtube channel. It's about 20 jazz guitar licks with tabs. 

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How to play a minor seven arpeggio over a Major seven chord

Here is a new jazz guitar video lesson about a C major jazz guitar lick excerpt from the "10 major jazz guitar licks" E-book. In this video you can see how to play a minor seven arpeggio over a major seven chord. A minor arpeggio is built with the first, the minor third, the perfect fifth and the minor seventh of a minor scale (phrygian mode in the following exemple). Click here to get the tabs and more explanations.

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Grant Green jazz guitar lessons | Youtube playlist

Grant Green is surely one of the most important jazz guitar player. His guitar playing was influenced by blues, rythm'n blues and bebop music. He is reknowed for his clear sound using the most of the time is Gibson ES 330 with P90 pickups plugged into Fender amps. He used a lot diminished arpeggio over VI-II-V-I chord progressions. I advise you to listen to "n°1 Green street " or "Blues for Willaren" to hear this clear sound and understand how he used these arpeggios.

You can also take a look at the Grant Stand' s guitar solo analysis. 

Here is the Grant Green jazz licks youtube playlist


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