arpeggios for beginners

  • Guitar Arpeggios - Quick Starter Guide With Diagrams

    Arpeggios are the backbone of jazz improvisation, they are simple to learn, they allow to easily outline the harmony and create fluid lines. Arpeggios are very popular in all styles of music (rock, metal, blues, pop), that's why it is very important to learn them.

    This guitar lesson provides the most important arpeggio shapes that any beginner jazz guitarist must know, classified this way :

    major 7, minor 7, dominant 7, half-diminished, diminished 7, Major 7#5 and minMaj7.

    You'll find in this tutorial three kinds of guitar diagrams for each arpeggio type :

    one-octave shapes (notes within the space of one octave), two-octave shapes (notes within two octaves) and CAGED shapes.

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