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Jazz guitar teachers, bloggers and authors wanted

Blog contributor wantedJazz Guitar licks is looking for guitar teachers and authors to expand the content of the blog of the website. I would like to add a bit more new ideas because to keep this website alive, unique and original. I keep thinking it would be interesting and fun to have differing points of view from other writters.

Who ?

Teachers and authors that have a certain experience which to helps the readers and subscribers of this site. Bloggers and music enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge, what they know best as for example guitar chord comping rhythms, scale exercises, improvisations, chord-melody, jazz transcriptions, music theory, musical history, videos, tutorials. Notice that marketing agencies are not accepted.

What ?

Original blog posts with unique contents, never used before. Articles over 800 words with helpful content, nice pictures, diagrams or charts. Images and graphics that you’ve created yourself.

How ?

You need to create an account first. You will receive a confirmation email (don't forget to confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email). Once your account is validated, please send me an email using the comment form stating that you want to become a contributor.

How often ?

One per month is a good frequency of publication, but you can also post whenever you like.

Why ?

It is a real opportunity to promote your own blog and useful for a good search engine optimisation. You would be credited as a contributor, and set up with a contributor/bio page where you can link up to your favorite posts on your site.  You can also link to social media channels and on any posts that you write for Jazz Guitar Licks. Of course each article written for Jazz Guitar Licks will be shared on our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram pages. A nice chance to promote yourself.

Interested ?

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Last edited: 2019-11-27

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