John Scofield

John Scofield jazz guitar lessons12-26-1951

John "Sco" Scofield is an American jazz guitar player, a masterful jazz improviser influenced by blues, funk, rock and R & B.  There's so much to learn from his playing both his technique and his theory. He is a master of scales connections, arpeggios, outside playing and easily blend lines from blues, jazz, funk and bebop music.

He used to play with his Ibanez AS-200 plugged into one or two vox AC-30 sometimes with many effects like an Ibanez chorus, a digitech whammy/wah, a boomerang phrase sampler, a micro synth, distorions, filters and many others. We can see him playing a Fender stratocaster and an Ibanez T-style guitar in some videos and hear them in the electro-jazz album "Uberjam deux". He also uses a Martin acoustic guitar, a Guild Jumbo, a Takamine and a Montavo flamenco guitar.

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