Wes Montgomery

 3/6/1923 - 6/15/1968Wes Montgomery jazz guitar licks lessons

Wes Montgomery was an American guitar jazz player, considered one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time.

He has influenced and continues to influence many guitarists. His playing is characterized by the use of his thumb instead of a pick with incredible dexterity. He took the use of octaves and chords voicings to a greater level than any other guitarist. His guitar solos are gold mines for jazz guitar students, he used a lot arpeggios and superimposed triads. He often approached solos by following the same chords progression in three ways and in the same order:

1- In single note lines using scales and modes.

2- By playing octaves, he was the master of octave playing and widely know about this.

3- By playing block chords.

Wes Montgomery played almost exclusively on a Gibson L-5 CES plugged most of the time into Fender amps ( super reverb, twin reverb, deluxe). He also played on Gibson L-7, Gibson L-4, Es-175, ES-125D.

He died of a heart attack in 1968 and leaves behind an impressive discography, a Bible , an encyclopedia for all jazz guitar players.

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