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    • Stef-Ramin
    • 18:23
    • tackey
    • 13:24
    hi just joined up have nice collection middle type jazz guitar . and one very nice black falcon . like talking guitars
    • JimTessin
    • 23:21
    • JimTessin
    • 23:39
    Looking for guitarists who like to "compare notes" plus musicians who live in Birmingham, Al who would like to meet briefly at times and meet/talk/share!!! Wow!!! This site is a great venue!!! Let's use it!!!
    • Stef-Ramin
    • 14:53
    Hi guys, if you have questions or comments please use the forum. Thanks
    • sekaya
    • 17:36
    so many great chords and arpeggios!
    • Stef-Ramin
    • 18:07
    • jwithers32
    • 16:42
    Jim, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask such a broad question. Thanks!
    • jwithers32
    • 16:47
    I just joined and I am trying to improve funk style of playing with areas of Jazz that I haven't explored. Any suggestions? Funk style guitar is sadly overlooked on Youtube and other mediums.
    • jwithers32
    • 17:03
    Just joined group and a quick 'hi" to everyone!

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  • bencryer
    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to check your opinion about taking guitar classes online. Are they as helpful and effective as regular classes? I have a problem finding a guitar instructor in my vicinity and also in scheduling the learning.
    What do you think?
  • Stef-Ramin
    If you have questions or comments please post in the forum.
  • Tombell80
    • 3. Tombell80 On 05/21/2019
    I would like some ideas as to creating solos using 40 DOMINATE BLUES FOR JAZZ GUITAR.
    example Lick 1,10,5 and 12 will sound good as a solo if that is actually so.

    OK on How to apply these licks as noted with the down load.
    Perhaps some ideas for jamming.
    Day to day use, trying not to sound like just a lick player.


    Tom 5/21/2019
    • Stef Ramin
      Hi Tom, These licks are designed to be played over Dom7 chords. Try to transpose/ mix them with other licks (minor, major,etc) and apply them on common progressions as iim7 V7 Imaj7 , I7 IV7 I7 I7, etc. I will post some examples in the blog later. Stay tuned
  • counsellors
    • 4. counsellors On 03/01/2019
    I am unable to download the cheat sheets. What is the reason for this. and can you download them for me to
  • JonT36
    • 5. JonT36 On 02/13/2019
    Sorry, don't really know how to do this, I just recently joined...

    As a general inquiry I've asked about sounding 'jazzy' as opposed to bluesy, for instance--
    I was told to banish bends and directed to 7th arpeggios. I have experimented (but I know
    not enough) though the advice has still proven helpful--what other tips will help me sound
    like a Real Jazz Player?? Thanx! Jon