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    • Stef-Ramin
    • 18:23
    • tackey
    • 13:24
    hi just joined up have nice collection middle type jazz guitar . and one very nice black falcon . like talking guitars
    • JimTessin
    • 23:21
    • JimTessin
    • 23:39
    Looking for guitarists who like to "compare notes" plus musicians who live in Birmingham, Al who would like to meet briefly at times and meet/talk/share!!! Wow!!! This site is a great venue!!! Let's use it!!!
    • Stef-Ramin
    • 14:53
    Hi guys, if you have questions or comments please use the forum. Thanks
    • sekaya
    • 17:36
    so many great chords and arpeggios!

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  • counsellors
    • 1. counsellors On 03/01/2019
    I am unable to download the cheat sheets. What is the reason for this. and can you download them for me to
  • JonT36
    • 2. JonT36 On 02/13/2019
    Sorry, don't really know how to do this, I just recently joined...

    As a general inquiry I've asked about sounding 'jazzy' as opposed to bluesy, for instance--
    I was told to banish bends and directed to 7th arpeggios. I have experimented (but I know
    not enough) though the advice has still proven helpful--what other tips will help me sound
    like a Real Jazz Player?? Thanx! Jon