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  • NEW eBook PDF | 25 soul jazz guitar licks with tabs, analysis, scales charts and diagrams.

    25 jazz soul licks PDF eBook with tabs

    A new printable PDF eBook dedicated to soul jazz guitar licks is now available for download. 

    Soul jazz (sometimes called "jazz-funk) is a form of jazz commonly associated with hard bop. It has strong influences from blues, rhythm & blues and gospel. You can also go listen to Lou DonaldsonBig John PattonJimmy "Hammond" Smith, to soak up this style.
    All these licks are two bars licks in the key of Bb7 and inspired by great guitarists as Grant GreenMelvin sparks, Wes Montgomery or Kenny Burrell. They are essentially built with notes from the minor, major pentatonic and minor blues scale.

    As usual each lick is analysed and accompanied by a quality audio file. A backing track is also included in the package.

    Why all these licks are in the same key ?

    To simplify learning, it's easier to memorize them, then you can make the connection between each lick to built longer guitar solos.  Once you have learnt these licks, the aim is to play them in different keys, add notes and fret hand techniques (bends, hammer-on, pull-off, slides)  vary the rhythm...


    Package details :

    - 1 printable PDF eBook with 25 soul jazz guitar licks in Bb7 with tabs, scales charts, guitar fretboard diagrams (5 boxes for each scales) and analysis. 

    - 1 soul jazz backing track (Quality mp3 audio file).

    25 soul jazz guitar licks audio files (Quality mp3 audio files).


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  • 5 half-whole diminished jazz guitar patterns | Free lesson & eBook

    I25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns ebook pdfn this free jazz guitar lesson below you will find 5 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns with tabs and analysis using the half-whole diminished scale and some diminished seventh arpeggios. These licks are taken from the latest printable eBook PDF "25 dominant diminished jazz guitar patterns". 

    The Half-whole diminished scale (also known as "dominant diminished scale") is a symmetric scale, it contains eight notes and it's constructed using a repeat pattern of half and whole steps. This scale is usually played over dominant chords like G7, G7b5, G13, G7#9, G7b9, G7b5b9, G7b5#9). This should not be confused with the fully diminished scale also named "whole-half diminished scale" which is constructed using a repeat pattern of whole and half steps and used to play over diminished seventh chords.

    As you can see in the example below, the G half-whole diminished scale is made up of eight notes and creates extentions b9, #9, #11 and 13.

    Half-whole diminished scale formula

    Diminished seventh arpeggios are made up of four notes : a root, a minor third (b3), a diminished fifth (b5) and a diminished seventh (bb7). They are basically played over diminished seventh chords but they can be played over dominant (b9) chords a semitone lower. 

    Here is a comparison between the G7b9 chord and the Ab diminished 7th arpeggio :

    • G7b9 chord is made up of : G-B-D-F-Ab
    • Ab diminished 7th arpeggio is made up of : Ab-B-D-F

    The notes of a diminished arpeggio are identical to the notes of a dominant b9 chord a semitone lower.

    A diminished 7th arpeggio is built of minor thirds intervals, it is symmetrical. A minor third interval is made up of 3 semitones (3 frets on a guitar), so you can move any diminished 7th arpeggios positions up or down three frets and you will still find the same notes.

    It means that you can play 4 diminished 7th arpeggios over a G7b9 chord :

    • Ab diminished 7th arpeggio.
    • B diminished 7th arpeggio.
    • D diminished 7th arpeggio.
    • F diminished 7th arpeggio.

    RELATED LESSONS | Diminished 7th arpeggios guitar diagrams 

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  • How to use the locrian mode and a diminished 7th arpeggio over a minor II-V-I progression

    The minor II-V-I chord progression is widely used in jazz music, it's a very important sequence to know for any jazz guitar player 'cause it's present in many jazz standards. How to play over this chord progression ? Which scales to use ? Which notes to play ? There is a lot of ways.  In the following lick we will use the Locrian mode (seventh mode of the major scale) to play over the Dm7b5 chord and a B diminished 7th arpeggio over the G7b9 chord. Please notice that the minor II-V-I chord progression is Dm7b5 | G7b9 | Cm (Maj7) | % | 

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  • New eBook available | 10 II-V-I jazz guitar licks with tabs.

    The II-V-I sequence is surely the most common chord progression played in jazz music and a must know for any guitarist who wants to learn jazz language. It is prese10 II-V-I jazz guitar licks eBook pdfnt in a large number of jazz standards like Blue bossa, Autumn leaves, All the things you are, Summertime and the list goes on. That's why its very important to master this sequence with both chords and melody.

    This eBook helps you to understand which scales to play over a II-V-I chord progression. It contains 10 short and easy jazz guitar licks with tabs, analysis, scales charts and 3 different jazz backing tracks to play with. 



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  • Jazz guitar eBooks | Jazz guitar licks with tabs & analysis


    At the present time there are 5 jazz guitar printable eBooks pdf available for download on this website. All those eBooks contains guitar tabs, analysis and youtube video links to watch and hear them.25 minor jazz guitar licks E-book pdf

    The sixth eBook is currently being drawn up, it's about how to improvise over a II-V-I sequence using the dorian, mixolydian, dorian bebop, dominant bebop, altered and half-whole diminished scales.....stay tuned.

    Now it's time to take stock :

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