minor II-V-I scales

How to improvise / soloing over minor II-V-I progression | Which scales to play

Godin 5th avenue jazz guitarThe minor II-V-I sequence is equivalent to the major II-V-I sequence, but played in minor harmonic key. It is a must know for any guitarist who wants to learn soloing over tunes in minor keys. This progression is present in many jazz tunes as Autumn leaves, Blue Bossa, Black Orpheus, Stella by Starlight, The nearness of you, I love you, Speak low, Soul eyes, Valse Hot, Along came Betty, Stablemates, Are you real, I'll remember April, I hear a rapsody, In your own sweet way, Nuages...

How to improvise over a minor II-V-I progression, which scales to use for soloing over this sequence ?


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