jazz play-along

Free afro jazz swing guitar backing track online

Hi there there is new free backing track online on the youtube channel "Backing track channel" .This is an afro jazz swing guitar jamtrack (piano, bass and drums) to over a D dominant 7th chord. You can use the following scales to practice over :

  1. D mixolydian mode
  2. D altered scale
  3. D dominant bebop scale
  4. D dominant 7th arpeggios

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6 jazz swing backing tracks | D minor seventh & Bb dominant seventh

You can download some jazz swing backing tracks via these pages. For the moment there's only six backing tracks (also called jamtracks or play-alongs) . With these backing tracks you can practice scales, licks or any jazz exercise over a Bb7 and Dm7 jazz swing accompaniment. Here is a preview of the Dm7 backing track ( 150 BPM). Theses pages are regularly updated so stay tuned.

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