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How to harmonize the major scale in thirds

How to harmonize the major scaleOne of the fundamental theoretical elements to understand music is the harmonization of the major scale. Harmonizing scale is building chords with notes. For this, you have to stack thirds (It is also possible to harmonize the major scale in fourths). If you are wondering why thirds and not seconds or sixths for example, the reason is mainly historical: our music today is based on harmony in thirds. Once you have read this lesson, you will be able to find the tonality of a song simply by looking at its chords, you will know which scale to play on which chord progressions.

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Dorian bebop scale | Guitar fretboard diagrams and II-V-I lick | Free jazz lesson

Dorian bebop scale guitar diagram 1The dorian bebop scale (or minor bebop scale) is an eight notes scale (octotonic). It is usualy played in bebop. It is an octotonic scale, it contains a chromaticism, an additional note between the minor third (b3) and the fourth (4).

The dorian bebop scale has the same notes as the dorian mode including a passing tone, a major third (3) between the minor third (b3) and the fourth (4th).

There are two versions of the dorian bebop scale, one with a passing tone (3) between the b3 and the 4th and one with a passing tone (7) between the b7 and the root, this one has the same intervals as the dominant bebop scale.

The minor bebop  scale is used to play over minor 7th chords.

Here are some dorian bebop scale fretboard guitar diagrams and a II-V-I sequence including notes from the dorian bebop dorian, the major bebop scales and a tritone substitution lick.

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New mixolydian jazz guitar lick with tab

Hi, here is a new jazz guitar lesson with tab using the mixolydian mode & major pentatonic scale to play over a dominant seventh chord. This is another jazz guitar lesson from the "10 major jazz guitar licks" E-book PDF. Learning the mixolydian scale is a must for all jazz guitar player who want to improvise over a dominant seventh chord.

jazz guitar mixolydian lick

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