diminished triads

  • Triad Chords For Guitar On YouTube and PDF

    A new tutorial has been published on Jazz Guitar Licks YouTube channel. It is shows how to play the main triads on guitar using neck diagram shapes. The triad discussed are : minor, major, diminished, augmented and suspended 2 & 4, don't hesitate to like, comment and share this video.

    For those who'd like to get the printable PDF version and get more triad voicing shapes (open and close), there is a new method available since a few days, just click on the picture below to get it.


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  • Triad Arpeggios - Guitar Lesson For Beginners

    Triad arpeggios - Guitar lessonArpeggios are surely the most important devices to master when you want to start improvising. Every jazz players use arpeggios in their improvisations. Great guitarists, all kinds of styles use arpeggios : John Scofield, Kurt Rosewinkel, Birelli Lagrene, Django Reinhardt, and many more.

    Arpeggios are played extensively because they use only the notes found in a single chord. Therefore,  they create a more harmonized sound when played with their corresponding chord. Arpeggios are very helpful to easily outline the chord changes.

    This guitar lesson is focused on the most basic forms of arpeggios made out of three notes called "triad arpeggios". 

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