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  • 6 Types of Dominant Scales - Guitar Chart With Shapes

    This guitar chart contains 12 shapes that show how to play the main dominant scales used in jazz music (Mixolydian, Lydian dominant, Mixolydian b9, Mixolydian b13, dominant bebop, Phrygian dominant).

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  • 12 Scales To Play Over A Dominant 7th Chord

    The first thing to do before starting exploring the twelve different scales shown in this lesson is to understand how to build a basic dominant 7th chord and what its role is.

    What's a Dominant 7 Chord?

    A Dominant 7th chord is made up of a root / tonic (1), a major third (3), a perfect fifth (5) and minor seventh (b7). It is one of the most versatile chords. It is considered as a major chord because of the major third (3).

    Indeed, the 3rd tell us if the chord is minor or major. The minor seventh (b7) indicates whether the sound wants to move or not (resolve) to another chord. Usually dominant chords tend to resolve to a chord down a perfect fifth (or a chord up a perfect fourth).

    C Dominant 7th Chord  C E G Bb
    Intervals 1 3 5 b7
    Related Arpeggio 1 3 5 b7


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