• Natural Minor Scale Harmonization - Guitar Theory Lesson

    This guitar theory lesson covers a very important topic that any musician must know : How To Harmonize The Natural Minor Scale? In other words, you will learn how to build triads and seventh chords starting on each note of the natural minor scale.

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  • List of Jazz Standards and Keys

    Music key and notes background pictureA“standard” or “jazz standard” is referring to a popular music piece and/or jazz music composition that is held in continuing esteem and is frequently used in musical repertoire.

    Many of these “jazz standards” were not necessarily originally jazz compositions. Music publishers include the term “jazz standards” in a description or a title they nearly always are referring to compositions used as the basis for improvisation or jazz arrangements.

    You will find in this post a non-exhaustive list of jazz standards and their original keys to practice at home or in jam sessions. 

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