phrygian mode

  • The Phrygian Mode - Theory, Licks, Charts and Shapes

    You'll find in this blog post several cheat sheets for guitarists about the Phrygian mode, third mode of the major scale. These infographics are related to the YouTube video below. They show how this minor scale is built, how to play it on guitar, what are the related chords, how to use it over common chord progressions, etc.

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  • The Seven Modes of The Major Scale

    Modes of the major scale guitar lessonWhat Are Ecclesiastical Modes?

    Ecclesiastical modes, also named "Greek modes"or "church modes" or "Gregorian modes" formed in the Middle Ages a set of scales whose use has weakened because of the appearance of the major / minor tonal system. 

    Several centuries later these modes have reappeared. They are very used in jazz improvisation as scale of chords and modal playing.

    This lesson explains how are built modes and how to play them on guitar.

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