• Guitar Strings Comparison - Latest Updates & Review 2020

    Guest Post By Leo NGuyen

    When have you changed your guitar strings last? Just like everything else, guitar strings can grow old gracefully as well, and as they grow old your guitar starts feeling it even before you do. Our guide to Guitar strings comparison along with the latest updates and reviews of 2020 will tell you all about the guitar strings.

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  • Is Amp Simulation the Cure for GAS ?

    Amplitube 3 pedalsAs a guitarist, it’s tempting to spend a lot of time and money on gear. All of us suffer from G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) to some degree. The never-ending search for the ‘perfect’ tone will plague us all. At some point, though, this obsession with gear can distract you from what matters.

    For most guitarists, their tone starts with their hands. Guitar choice, amp choice, pedals and everything else comes second to technique. So, I propose an alternative - rather than focusing on GEAR, focus on SKILL. That doesn’t mean tone isn’t important, though. It shouldn’t be disregarded entirely. There is an efficient, cost-effective way to find the right tone in seconds - without ever visiting your local Guitar Center...

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