Descending "ii V I" jazz chord progression questions

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    Hi all, I was watching the "Six Popular Jazz Chord Progressions" video (creator = "music is win"), and I wanted to know more on the theory behind it. In the video, an interesting chromatic "2-5-1" progression popped up and I was interested in the theory and usage behind it. Unfortunately, the explanation in this video was pretty poor and I've been struggling to find details elsewhere. The chord progression pops up around 5:47 min in.

    Would anyone have any knowledge if this progression is used, and how to use it?

    I was able to painstakingly go through this section over and over and figure out some details below, I was able to figure out what the chords were (all dom7); Bb7 to Ab7 to G7 to Db7 to C7 to Gb7 to F7 to B7 to Bb7, and I figured out how they chromatically link to each other and how some chords share some chord tones.

    For reference here is the youtube link below

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