Humbucker sized p-90's

  • davya

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    On 2020-10-21 at 07:17

    Hello everyone! This my first post here. this subject has likely been covered before, but I didn't see anywhere to search so I thought I'd throw out this question. Thanks in advance for any replies. If you can refer me to other threads here that would be cool too.

    I'm looking to replace a humbucker pickup on my recently purchased Eastman 305CE with a humbucker sized P-90. I'm after that vintage Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, Jim Hall (ish) type of sound.

    I'm thinking AlnicoV and low output. That's a good starting point right? Any suggestions welcomed...
  • Stef-jazz-guitar-licks

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    On 2020-10-21 at 15:30

    You mean Eastman AR503CE !? Here are some suggestions:
    I think Fralin Pickups provide the most complete collection of p90 pickups 6 types of p90 pickups:
    The ultimate vintage P90, Hum cancelling p90, Hum cancelling p90 with alnico rods, P90 humbucker, hum cancelling P90 humbucker, Alnico noiseless P90 humbucker.
    You can choose among many options as the color (black, white, vintage white) the position (bridge, neck), the spacing, the type (soapbar, dogear), the type of lead and that for each pickup.
    Otherwise you can take a look at Seymour Duncan vintage p90 or Lollar p-90.
    Don't forget, the amp is also important to get that vintage sound. What is yours?
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    On 2020-10-21 at 22:51

    Thanks Steph-Ramin. Lol yes to the 503ce. I'm considering Fralins since have some in other guitars (not P-90's), but want to explore other options. I don't want to use regular P-90's and have to change the mounting and tear up the wood in case I want to go back to a Humbucker.

    As far as amps I'd love to have an old Tremolux like the old Blue
    Note artists used but I'll have to make due with what I have. The best sound so far comes from a modded old Blues Jr. and a Hughes & Ketner era 1 Acoustic amp.

    And of course I wish I had Grant Green's fingers...fingers is where the best tone comes from. I'll be happy to get in the neighborhood.

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