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    I am not only new here but also in the music instruments world. Actually, in this quarantine, I made some videos and conducted voiceover for them. I was about to use random jazz guitar audio from any royalty-free site but my friend changed my mind. Yes, according to him, I have the opportunity to learn guitar in this quarantine. I have little know-how of guitars but I don't think its enough.

    I am here to know which jazz guitar would be the right choice for a beginner. I shortlisted Epiphone ES-335, Gibson ES-137 and Yamaha SA2200 after reading reviews from here:



    However, I damn confused because only Epiphone ES-335 is coming with a low quote and prices of the other two are high. I don't know which one would be the right choice because sometimes cheap guitars don't give that effects that guitars with high quote give. I would be grateful if you share your suggestions.

    I am not only purchasing this guitar for background sound only but also want to continue my school-time passion.
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    It depends on whether you want a guitar with a classic jazz sound or a more versatile. (jazz, blues, rock)
    The Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II and the Ibanez LGB30 are good value for money if you want a classic jazz sound.
    Godin have interesting models too as the 5th avenue.
    You can also try the Sheraton by Epiphone.
    Hope it helps

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