Grant Green

Grant Green 6/6/35 - 1/31/79

Grant Green was a jazz master and one of the most influential jazz guitarists of all time. His guitar playing is a clever combination of rhythm'n blues, mastery of bebop and blues music.

He used to play clear and fluid single-lines parts with a characteristic staccato and never lost in a deluge of unnecessary notes. 

He also played in soul-jazz and organ combo sessions through a funky rhythmic dexterity and nimble melodic interpretation.

Grant Green has an instantly recognizable clear sound. He used several guitars (Gibson L7, Epiphone emperor, D'Aquisto new-Yorker) but mostly a Gibson es-330 with P90 pickups. He used to plug his guitars into a Fender tweed deluxe amp, a Fender super reverb, a Fender twin reverb and in an Ampeg Gemini.

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